My Amazing EDS 111 Journey

               To tell you honestly, before I studied EDS 111, I really didn’t know anything about the learner-centered approach and the 21st Century Learning. As a product of a teacher-centered approach of teaching, I had this misconception that as a teacher, my role is to impart knowledge and to test students. I know, it is very traditional and conventional.  Naturally, aside from that, there is my genuine care for the welfare of my students.

                Studying EDS 111 enlightened me to realize that there is way too much more than what I know about teaching or becoming a teacher. I felt scared at first when I studied the module about LCA and the 21st Century Learning. I asked myself, “Can I do this?” I am 34 years old and my knowledge in technology ranges from basic to elementary. My daughter knows more when it comes to APPS than I do. The learners of this generation are so different from my generation (obviously). I wouldn’t say I was discouraged by the more challenging roles of teachers now, maybe I was worried (I’m a natural worrier and I am trying to kick that habit.) I doubted myself and for one second I thought I could not make it.

                But I am driven to move forward and after studying this course, I feel (a bit) confident that I can do it. I won’t say I have mastered everything. I just think that with positive thinking, knowledge, skills and attitude, I know I can be an effective teacher. There are still many things to learn, to reflect on and to do. I may not be as young as the other teachers but I will use all my experiences to be the kind of teacher that I want to be. I won’t be describing what an effective teacher is because I already did that in my previous entries. I won’t be discussing my learnings because I will just be repeating myself.

                What are my realizations after finishing all the requirements of EDS 111?

  1. It takes more than passing the LET to be a good teacher. I need to be more passionate, driven, positive, jolly, exciting and creative if I want to become the teacher I want to be. I want to be the teacher who influences the students to be good, happy, smart people.
  2. I need to work more on my people skills. Working at home for 8 years have greatly affected how I socialize and interact with people. Nevertheless, I was still able to participate and contribute well in the group discussions. I may not have made many new friends, but I made a few good ones. ( I think only one 🙂
  3. As the cliché goes, do what you can do NOW. Do not procrastinate. You don’t have to be very intelligent. You have to work hard and be diligent in studying. Reading helps a lot!
  4. Never lose hope but don’t be too complacent. Be vigilant!
  5. THINK OUT OF THE BOX – Be creative! Make, create, innovate and INSPIRE!

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