My Reflections on the Perspectives on Teaching

                I would say that the group discussion that we had for this module is far better than the first one we had. We were divided into groups so we were able to focus on specific resources and share our learnings and insights. We also had a debate about learner-centered teaching and teacher-centered learning. I learned a lot from the insights of my groupmates about LCT and TCL.

                Reading the discussions, I thought about how we can apply our learnings to real lives. I am not a teacher yet, although I am an online teacher. I understand that the educational trend now is shifting into LCT. The implementation of the K-12 Basic Education Program also aims for 21st Century Learning which will make us at par with other nations. I also agree that these approaches in teaching benefits the learners more. But in reality, especially in the Philippine setting, there are many challenges to consider. First one is the size of classes especially in public schools. With many students in classroom, it is very challenging to establish a LCT approach. The teacher ends up controlling most if not all of the activities and lectures of the class. Another challenge can be the lack of facilities and resources. Some public schools do not even have enough classrooms, how much more learning materials and technology? In 21st Century Learning, the role of technology is given importance but what if the institution do not have these resources. Nevertheless, I am not saying it is impossible to shift to LCT. It is possible and it should be a must. I am saying, I think it is also good to combine both approaches in teaching. Both LCT and TCL have advantages that will benefit the students. As teachers, we should expand our teaching knowledge and style that best suits our learners.

                This module also discussed the importance of collaboration which I think is very important. Students and learners should learn how to learn independently and with others. Teachers should not be limited to lectures but should expand to collective thinking, sharing of ideas and collaboration. These will build the confidence of students and will challenge them to think and analyze information critically.

                I also realized that as a future teacher, it is important for me to be relevant. How can I still be relevant as a teacher now that information is available everywhere because of computers and Internet? How can I make my learners listen to me when they know they can always research about it in Google? These are the questions that we have to face and we have to actively respond to as teachers. We should be flexible, updated and we should innovate to be effective teachers.


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