My Thoughts on LLL, CPD and PLC

I am sure that everyone has already said that learning is lifelong process. I totally agree with everyone. It’s true. We never stop learning. Even as we are growing old, even when we think that we are stuck to the routine of daily lives, there is still something out there to learn.

When I was in high school and “texting” was becoming popular, I thought of my parents. I thought they were already old and they would never learn how to use a mobile phone and how to send a text message. When people started using computers at home, I thought my parents would never learn to use computers. Yes! I underestimated them. I was naïve and pompous. But lo and behold, I was WRONG. I don’t remember clearly what happened but they did learn eventually and my mom and dad both have smartphones now. My mom even have Facebook and I don’t. I can communicate with my mom using Viber. I remember my mom attended computer school for a few months to learn about the basic uses of computers. My mom took driving lessons and can now drive better than I do. My dad on the other hand, does his business using his smartphone. But that’s it. My mom drives for him and does computer and secretarial works for the business. Why am I saying all these? Because it’s just amazing how they learned when I thought they wouldn’t. Because they are my inspiration when it comes to lifelong learning.

Here I am. I will be turning 34 this November. I already have one kid but despite that, I decided to continue studying so that I can be a licensed teacher. It was scary at first, well until now. There is always a doubt if I can do it. There are many challenges but the goal of learning more and achieving more surpass the fears and the uncertainties.

While studying, I have had many realizations. I realized that much have changed in the world and in the way students think and learn. People can learn from different resources now. Information as I always say is just one click away. That scared me. Honestly. I pictured myself as a teacher surrounded by students way smarter than me because they know everything from Youtube and Google. So many young children now know things they are not supposed to know yet. There are many APPS to learn from. Take for example, my daughter. She can record, edit and upload videos and I didn’t even know how to do that! She knows different APPS I don’t even know about! These are the children of the new generation and I am supposed to be their teacher.

So, I realized from my own personal reflections and from the readings that I should keep up with the changes. More than that actually, I should respond actively to the changes and the advancement of technology. This is where the other concepts in this module come in. We are talking about CPD and PLC. We should not be stuck in where we are now because the world is continuously changing. What we knew yesterday may be different tomorrow and the children will know. As teachers, we should be flexible and we should attend workshops, trainings and seminars that will help up grow professionally and personally. We should also be a part of a professional learning community so that we can share ideas and strategies with our fellow teachers. As a learning community, we should work hand in hand to work towards our common goal which is the learning of our students.


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