On Creativity

             During my undergraduate years, I took up a course called Creativity which was under the curriculum of Special Education. At that time I realized how important creativity is in education since it is a course that is required to be taken by Special Education majors. As far as I can remember, we learned about the different expressions and forms of creativity in different parts of the world.  We also studied the application of creativity in our teaching especially in Special Education.

                It has been years since then and I have gone through the routines of married life and motherhood. Now, I am being asked about my receptiveness and openness to creativity and out-of-the box teaching strategies. The question is very challenging for me and I need more time to reflect.

                 I ask myself, am I still creative? I don’t want to say no. But then again, I have lived long in routines and believe me when I say routines comfort me. Because routines are certain and I find security in certainty. Uncertainties worry me. After all the failures that I had in life, I have learned how to fear uncertainties. Going back to the questions, am I still creative? I think there are some instances when I try to be creative. I am creative when I make my own lessons for my Japanese students. I try to create lessons that they find interesting, informative and worth their time. I try to be creative because I want to meet their needs in studying English and I also want them to feel that I can offer more and I am different from other teachers. Sometimes, I try to be creative when I am teaching my daughter and helping her with her homework and exams. But she would often tell me that she doesn’t like my teacher voice, rather she prefers my mommy voice when teaching. But, I can’t help it. My voice automatically shifts to a teacher voice when I teach.

                The reason why I want to take the LET is because I want to be a professional teacher in elementary. Sometimes, I would picture myself teaching children and they are having fun. I know how it is important for a teacher to be creative. Especially after reading the modules and studying this course. I realized that now, teaching is more than just preparing a lesson plan and teaching. Education in the modern world and in the 21st century demand so much from the teachers. In order to be a relevant and an effective teacher, one must be very creative. It is important for the teacher not only to be creative but also to motivate and encourage creativity among the students. Students should also be influenced to be creative. They should learn how to use their imagination and curiosity to discover, create and build.

                Yes, I am receptive to developing attitudes and qualities that foster innovativeness and creativity. I believe it is necessary and very important to be innovative in creative in teaching now children can get information from many resources like the Internet. An effective teacher should be up to the challenge of creating and inventing new ways of teaching.

                I am open to employing out-of-the box teaching strategies. But first, I need to learn how to think out-of-the box. As a working mother, I have always been cautious. I set rules and follow them. I work in schedules and routines. I do not take risks. Therefore, I have forgotten how to think out-of-the box. But, more than because I need to, I desperately want to learn how to think out-of-the box. I don’t want to be boring – as a person and as a teacher. Also, I believe that using out-of-the box teaching strategies will also inspire the students to be creative as well. The world will be a better place if more people are creative.


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