On the Knowledge Base of Teaching and Being an Effective Teacher

There were so much information to absorb in Module 3. First is the knowledge base of teaching as discussed by Schulman and the TPACK as a framework of knowledge. The challenge now is how to integrate all these concepts towards being an effective teacher.

In this module, the resource – Educational Psychology: A Tool for Effective Teaching captured my interest the most. This reading material described the attributes of an effective teacher. The question for me now is, what kind of teacher do I want to be?

My goal in life is to be an elementary school teacher. I just love kids and I want to be a part of their learning journey. But indeed, much have changed in our educational system. Globalization and the advancement of technology have changed how teachers teach nowadays. Teachers used to just prepare lessons plans and teach in front of the class. Nowadays, teachers have to integrate different concepts and use different tools in teaching. With the use of technology, teachers can make learning more interesting and collaborative. But, according to TPACK, the technology used should be appropriate to the content and to the pedagogical methods used in class. Also, the focus is not on what technology is used but on how technology is used to facilitate learning. As a future teacher, I would like to be an effective teacher. I would like to be able to integrate different knowledge framework and principles that I believe will work best for my learners. Also, I will be flexible to the changing dynamics and needs of the learners. I will adapt to the advancement of technology so as to be able to challenge my students more in thinking and studying. Being a relevant teacher is a challenge now that information can be accessed through the Internet. As an effective teacher, I will encourage collaborative learning and make learning fun and interesting. I will genuinely care for my students and guide them in their learning.


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